List of Accepted Full Papers

  • A grammar-licensed treebank of Czech
    Hana Skoumalová, Alexandr Rosen, Vladimír Petkevič and Tomáš Jelínek
  • Consistency of Manual Sense Annotation and Integration into the TüBa-D/Z Treebank
    Verena Henrich and Erhard Hinrichs
  • Cross-lingual dependency transfer with harmonized Indian language treebanks
    Loganathan Ramasamy and Zdeněk Žabokrtský
  • Deriving Multi-Headed Projective Dependency Parses from Link Grammar Parses
    Juneki Hong and Jason Eisner
  • Different approaches to PP-attachment problem in Polish
    Katarzyna Krasnowska
  • Estimating the Utility of Simplified Discriminants in Grammar-Based Treebanking
    Arne Skjærholt and Stephan Oepen
  • Evaluating Parse Error Detection across Varied Conditions
    Amber Smith and Markus Dickinson
  • Finding Parse Errors in the Midst of Parse Errors
    Markus Dickinson and Amber Smith
  • Formalizing MultiWords as Catenae in the Dependency-based BulTreeBank
    Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova
  • Metrical annotation for a verse treebank
    Thomas Rainsford and Olga Scrivner
  • Parsing Old French Dependency on Poorly Standardized Language
    Isabelle Tellier, Matthieu Constant, Gaël Guibon, Sophie Prévost and Kim Gerdes
  • POS Tagset Refinement for Linguistic Analysis and Statistical Parsing
    Ines Rehbein and Hagen Hirschmann
  • POS-Tagging Historical Corpora: The Case of Early New High German
    Pavel Logacev and Katrin Goldschmidt
  • Querying topological fields in the TIGER scheme with TIGERSearch
    Stefanie Dipper
  • Semi-Automatic Deep Syntactic Annotations of the French Treebank
    Corentin Ribeyre, Marie Candito and Djamé Seddah
  • Synergistic development of grammatical resources: a valence dictionary, an LFG grammar, and an LFG structure bank for Polish
    Agnieszka Patejuk and Adam Przepiórkowski
  • The Effect of Annotation Scheme Decisions on Parsing Learner Data
    Marwa Ragheb and Markus Dickinson
  • The Sense Annotation of BulTreeBank
    Stanislava Kancheva, Svetlomira Manova, Alexander Popov, Ivaylo Radev, Kiril Simov and Petya Osenova
  • Towards a Universal Stanford Dependencies parallel treebank
    Cristina Bosco and Manuela Sanguinetti
  • Verbal constructional profiles: possibilities and limitations
    Aleksandrs Berdičevskis and Hanne Martine Eckhoff

List of Accepted Short Papers (Posters and Software Demonstrations)

  • Challenges in Enhancing the Index Thomisticus Treebank with Semantic and Pragmatic Annotation
    Berta Gonzalez Saavedra and Marco Passarotti
  • Developing a Corpus of Syntactically-Annotated Learner Language for English
    Marwa Ragheb and Markus Dickinson
  • Estonian Dependency Treebank and its annotation scheme
    Kadri Muischnek, Kaili Müürisep, Tiina Puolakainen, Eleri Aedmaa, Riin Kirt and Dage Särg
  • From to ISOTiger - Community Driven Developments for Syntax Annotation in SynAF
    Sonja Bosch, Kerstin Eckart, Gertrud Faaβ, Ulrich Heid, Kiyong Lee, Antonio Pareja-Lora, Laurette Pretorius, Laurent Romary, Andreas Witt, Amir Zeldes and Florian Zipser
  • Quantitative Comparison of Different Bi-Lexical Dependency Schemes for English
    Norveig Anderssen Eskelund and Stephan Oepen
  • The definition of tokens in relation to words and annotation tasks
    Fabian Barteld, Renata Szczepaniak, and Heike Zinsmeister
  • TüBa-D/W: a large dependency treebank for German
    Daniël de Kok
  • What can linguists learn from some simple statistics on annotated treebanks
    Jiří Mírovský and Eva Hajičová